No door is closed to a stubborn scholar.

Edgar A. Whitney

Artist Statement

In every painting I respond to what I see with what I feel. Based on objective reality of the outside world my paintings are transformed into altogether new, personal reality. A one-of-kind world of shapes, tones and colors emerges.

Artist Biography

Daniel Novotny is a watercolor artist living and working in Slovakia. While self-taught, he considers himself a disciple of the California watercolor school, making Edgar A. Whitney’s maxim: “No door is closed to a stubborn scholar” the center of his work philosophy.

Daniel paints primarily in watercolor but occasionally branches out to other media if it helps him better express his pictorial ideas. Whatever his medium, he focuses on composition through deliberate design.

Daniel’s source of inspiration is nature complemented by man-made structures. He likes to work with them not in a descriptive manner but creatively, for they offer possibilities of spectacular transformation. He reshapes them into original patterns of shapes and tones, abandoning what is for what could be, thus creating an organized reality – a world where beauty of relationships is enhanced. The mundane and random is made whole.

Daniel publishes instructional articles on his blog and makes YouTube videos, offering a peek into his working procedure.


2021/TBA Jakarta, Indonesia
2020/3* Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2017/4 Fabriano, Italy
2016/9 Budapest, Hungary
2016/4 Nitra, Slovakia
2016/2 Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2015/11 Tirana, Albania
2015/3 San Francisco, USA
2014/11* Podhajska, Slovakia
2014/4 Nitra, Slovakia
2014/2 Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2013/9 Trencin, Slovakia
2013/7 Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2013/4 Nitra, Slovakia
2013/2 Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2013/1* Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2009/11* Nove Zamky, Slovakia

*Solo Shows

Major Publications

Portrait Revolution US book cover

Portrait Revolution

Book, 2017, Watson-Guptill, Pimpernel Press Ltd.

Portrait Revolution book @Amazon
Julia Kay’s Portrait Party
US: 2017 Watson-Guptill
UK: 2017 Pimpernel Press Ltd.