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Artist’s Statement

Daniel Novotny (b. 1985, Slovakia) is an award-winning self-taught artist living and working in Slovakia. His work was displayed in a number of international exhibitions.

Daniel paints primarily in watercolor. More recently he’s been captivated by the unassuming beauty of paper cutous.

Whatever his medium, Daniel focuses on composition through deliberate design. Nature is the source of his inspiration for both physical and metaphysical reasons. It provides a peek into the construction of universe, showcasing the optimal configuration of all things.


2021/ Jakarta, Indonesia
2020/3* Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2017/4 Fabriano, Italy
2016/9 Budapest, Hungary
2016/4 Nitra, Slovakia
2016/2 Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2015/11 Tirana, Albania
2015/3 San Francisco, USA
2014/11* Podhajska, Slovakia
2014/4 Nitra, Slovakia
2014/2 Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2013/9 Trencin, Slovakia
2013/7 Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2013/4 Nitra, Slovakia
2013/2 Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2013/1* Nove Zamky, Slovakia
2009/11* Nove Zamky, Slovakia

*Solo Shows

Major Publications

Portrait Revolution US book cover

Portrait Revolution

Book, 2017, Watson-Guptill, Pimpernel Press Ltd.

Portrait Revolution book @Amazon
Julia Kay’s Portrait Party
US: 2017 Watson-Guptill
UK: 2017 Pimpernel Press Ltd.